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When I tell people about my little cat Zoey (pictured in icon), I always describe her as sweet but not very bright. As Russ says, the light in her eyes is coming in through a hole in the back of her head... there's no brain to speak of. When people ask about what makes her seem so dumb, I tell different stories: the time she got stuck on top of the shower curtain rod, how she gets lost in the hallway and yells for help, how she will eat the houseplants sprayed with bitter orange over and over, shaking her head and sticking out her tongue in disgust after each bite, but always going back for more. However, fall and winter brings me the best silly Zoey story.

Zoey doesn't really understand windows. The first couple of years we had her, we lived in a basement suite. The windows were quite high, the window sills were inaccessible due to bars, and the few windows she could see out of looked out on the house next door, only a meter or two away. When we moved to this house, she was agoraphobic. If you carried her into the living room, which has a giant window overlooking the street, she would panic and scramble over you to jump down and flee. She was fine walking into the living room on her own, so she was obviously reacting to the huge amount of space beyond the window.

She has since overcome her fear and spends a lot of time on the window sill. She gets very excited when leaves fall off the tree outside or when it starts to snow with big fat flakes. Without fail, she will be in someone's lap when she'll see a leaf come down. Her thinking seems to then go as follows:

Moving thing! Get it! Jump! Run! Jump!

~Bonk! Nose first into the glass.~ Huh?

Moving thing! Get it!

~Bonk! Nose first into the glass again.~ Huh?

Moving thing! Look! ~Now realizing that the glass is solid, plants front paws on window to get a better look.~

Moving thing going down! ~Jumps down and stares at wall below window.~ Where is it?

~Jumps back on to window sill.~ Moving thing! ~Jumps down and stares at wall.~ Where did it go?

~Forgets what she was doing and wanders away. Glances back at window.~

Moving thing! Jump!

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Even in my morning fog - when I walk without thought, just following my feet to work by the same route as every morning - I still notice so much just by virtue of moving so slowly by it. Even on a bike, there's just so much you can just glide passed without having the time to see.

Walking is a part of a "slow life"; the only part I'm good at practising on a regular basis.

I love looking at the gardens. My favourite yards are those that are more wild, with local plants and driftwood and found metal fences. I also love weeds; the abandoned plots of dandelions. And, of course, the cherry blossoms have been gorgeous this year. One street, the flowers are so thick on the trees that the branches are arcing over the sidewalk. It's like walking under a canopy made of tiny pink petals.

I see a lot of posters on my walking commute. There are a lot of homemade ones posted in my neighbourhood: political causes, local bands, conspiracy theories, protests, and various events. I see a lot of missing pet posters. It breaks my heart to see the photos of missing Fluffy or Rover and the pleas for their safe return. I read all of the posters, because one day I might spot one the lost pets or want to go to a dance at the community centre.

There's also a lot of death along city streets that drivers and cyclists probably miss.

After the gym and some errands yesterday, I walked home. It was a good morning: I felt very accomplished, having worked out, done some banking, refilled my prescription, bought a new mat for the bathroom, and deposited some money for the Gathering. Normally I take public transportation home from the gym, but the weather was perfect for walking and I wasn't ready to be inside yet, not even in a bus.

I got to the bus stop about two blocks from home when I saw the poor thing: a cat's body just off the sidewalk. Hit by a car, probably. A black and white cat; like my cat. Small; like mine. No collar that I could see.

I rushed the rest of the way home and got on Russ' computer, trying to find what phone number I call so the body won't be there when kids get out of school and start walking to the park and the ice cream shop. Russ returned from the kitchen to find his paused game minimized.

"There's a dead cat and I can't figure out what to google to figure out who to call to come and pick it up, but once I figure out what number I'm supposed to call, I'm going to keep it in my wallet because I see a lot of dead animals on the street when I'm walking around and this is the first time I've found a domestic animal, but I've seen seagulls, rats, crows, squirrels, raccoons..."

And that's when Russ hugged me for awhile, which was better. Then I made the necessary phone call, and then I spent some time petting my cat.

I remember when our bigger cat, Puck, was missing for a couple of weeks. Our first wish was to have him home safe. Our second wish was to know for sure if he wasn't coming home. If there's someone to tell about yesterday's cat, I don't want to tell them, but I don't want them not to know either.

On Monday morning, I will be looking for a poster I don't really want to see of a small black and white cat missing from a neighbour's life. And I'll be looking at the dandelions and tulips.
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In retrospect, I should've started pools on the following:

1. How long between Puck's return and the first time Russ threatens to turn him into a throw pillow or equivalent? Winning bet would've been 5 days.

2. How long will Russ be working as an electrician before he ends up in the emergency ward? Winning bet: about 2 months.

3. What will happen to Russ that he will end up in the emergency room?

The smart bet wouldn't have been electrocution, as that is way too obvious. Russ' bad luck is much more subtle then that. Personally, I would have bet on either another tradesperson accidentally hitting him on the head or some unlikely series of events resulting in Russ getting injured by a port-a-potty. I would've lost the bet: Russ went to the ER yesterday after cutting his thumb open with a hack saw. Three stitches and three days off of work resulted.
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Russ and I were about to give up on Puck. We were going to stop hoping and start mourning today, actually. But we got home yesterday evening and checked the voicemail to find a most wonderful message. [livejournal.com profile] katz_purr hadn't been feeling well yesterday and had stayed in the suite. Mid-morning, she heard strange yowling that wasn't coming from the kittens in the suite. She glanced out the bedroom window, and there was Puck, on the roof outside the window, demanding to be let in.

She closed him into the bathroom with food and water and left us a message. It was so wonderful to bring him back home. He was pretty glued to Russ while we were home, even sleeping on the bed with us for most of last night.

He's pretty skinny, but not injured and he still has his collar. My guess is that he was either shut in somewhere for part of the time or had been chased off by another cat in the neighbourhood (there are a lot of feral cats around), and got confused and lost.

Several people suggested putting some of his used litter out, but he never used a litter box. However, after his return I realised that only a day or so before, we'd hung out a drop sheet to air out that I think he'd peed on at some point. So maybe that helped him find his way home.

Anyway, we are both very relieved to have our black demon back with us. His little adventure did bring to my attention how wonderful my neighbours are, as a couple of them called to let us know when they'd last seen him (the Thursday after he disappeared) and about a cat that may or may not have been him that was spotted Sunday morning. There are a lot of animal lovers in my block!
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Puck found his way home today, almost two weeks after disappearing. He is a lot thinner, but otherwise seems unharmed. We are going to try to make him into an indoor cat. Step 1: Buy new litter box.

The rest of the story later; now I'm going to cuddle the cat.


Sep. 25th, 2005 01:54 pm
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Puck still hasn't come home. He hasn't been home since Tuesday evening, and we are getting really worried. He is probably locked in someone's garage or shed; I even think I heard him yelling earlier today, but not for long enough for me to locate him. Anyway, he has done this before (been missing for a week or more), so I still hope to see him soon. Russ and I have been leaving notes in all our neighbour's mailboxes, asking them to check their garages, etc., and have put up some posters too.

And somehow Zoey, our indoor cat, got outside in the middle of the night on Friday and was in quite the panic to be let in very early Saturday morning. She insisted on sleeping on me for the next couple of hours.

I hate wandering and worrying. I want Puck home now.
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All cat lovers must see these incredible pictures of cats jumping. (Warning, there's more then a dozen pictures.)

Cin, if your cats jump like these ones, you are going to need really high shelves for your ponies!
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Naming a cat after a trickster = a bad idea.

In our defense, we didn't name Puck. He already had the name when Russ found him in the PAWS centre.

Regardless, he's a male cat with an adventurous trickster streak. In the past, he has also gotten himself lost in Richmond (and found by someone who locked him in their attic and fed him baloney - I'm sure they meant well), got himself stuck between the floorboards of the second story and the ceiling of the first story, got on to the roof of a house (not sure how he managed that one), and caused lots of minor destruction (especially as a kitten and especially to Russ' mother's plants). And about once a month he decides to stay out all night.

So we didn't worry too much when he didn't come home Monday night. But, by late last night, we were starting to worry.

Russ went out to the alley to call for him, and heard him in a neighbour's garage. He'd gotten himself locked in, of course.

So, not realising that it is now almost 11 at night, Russ knocks on the door, scaring a couple of years off the tiny Oriental woman who answered the door in the late evening to a man she doesn't know. But, she let Puck out of her garage, and he came home to bitch at us for letting him get locked in there to begin with.

He ate and had some water, then wanted to go back outside! It will be hard getting him used to being an indoor cat at the new place if we need to make that transition. It's going to be hard enough to keep him in while he gets used to the idea that "home" has moved.
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I'm dizzy and the cat's got a sprained leg...

I've been getting dizzy spells for several weeks, off and on, now. I get these ear infections, about once a year, that knock me silly. Friday was a last straw for my poor ears, and I found myself on the couch, after leaving work early, unable to do much of anything, as the world spun if I moved my head. Then I slept for 11 hours.

I awoke Saturday morning, about 10:30, still pretty dizzy. I was (slowly) making coffee in the kitchen when Zoey hopped up on the kitchen counter, the part that's chest high. She's not allowed up there, and she knows it. When I scolded her, she took off down the length of the counter across a plate. On this plate was some paper towel and some pumpkin seeds, laid out to dry. Well, the paper towel, the pumpkin seeds and the cat all went air-borne. The plate stayed right where it was.

Zoey must have landed wrong or hit the wall or the baseboard heater, because she started howling. Russ, who was still sleeping, came running. She was not putting her back right leg down, and was making a fabulous fuss, so off we went to the vet.

Turns out to be just a sprain of Zoey's back right hip. She got a nice shot which had her dopey and feeling no pain, and 45 minutes and $60-ish later, we are all home again. Zoey and I spent most of the rest of the day cuddled up on the couch, dozing and watching movies on TV.

I'm still pretty dizzy right now, so I'm not really looking forward to working this way tomorrow. But you do what you have to do.


Sep. 19th, 2004 01:15 pm
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My home smells of hot peach crisp.

The sun is shining, in that warm golden way it does only on perfect fall days. The door's open to let the cool breeze blow through.

The rosemary on my altar has infused the living room with that slight herbal scent.

Puck killed another bird - the second in two days.

Rosemary, peaches, sun and death... it is definitely autumn.
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Apparently Zoey decided that I've been taking this money stuff way too seriously. Either that, or she thinks it is competing with her for my attention.

I came home from work tonight to find that she had taken a roll of dimes off the coffee table, dumped the $5 of dimes all over the front entrance, then left the empty, chewed wrapper on the bedroom floor!
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I'm home early -- Dave gave me a ride home. What a sweetie! He is another thing that makes Omega something better then hell.

I put the Gathering registrations for Russ, Jamey and I in the mail today.

It is so beautiful outside! Cool, blue and sunny. I wish I could have the door open, but Zoey is still an indoor only kitty, and it doesn't seem fair to shut her in the bedroom or bathroom so I can have the door open.


Inspiration hit and I dropped everything. I put Zoey on a leash (the iguana's leash, actually) and took her out into the yard for the first time. She is so adorable, all big ears and twitching nose. Good thing for the leash: she immediately wanted to play with a gray squirrel almost as big as her little kitten self.


I still haven't decided what Russ and I are doing tonight for my birthday, besides drinking tequila.
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My first workday not at work, and I'm trying not to panic about not having plans for the whole week laid out and ready. I don't naturally just let things come; I like to plan and organize and prepare.

So my second relaxation lesson is taken from watching Puck the cat and Zoey the kitten: nap, eat, play, and, every once in a while, run around like a crazy thing for no particular reason.

I did sleep in today, then lazed in bed and read for a while. Now I've showered, eaten, done the dishes and I'm on my second americano and I'm starting to think about going out for a bit, getting some fresh air.

~Runs madly around the apartment, then falls asleep on the coffee table.~
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As I sit here at the computer, trying to get in my LJ fix before launching into my day, my kitten Zoey has crawled into my lap. She's purring and rolling on her back so I'll rub her tummy. I'm glad to see that the shaved areas from her spaying are starting to grow back. She's quiet now, and so is the most precious little thing.

It is hard to type and pet the kitten at the same time.


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